Iwaki FC owners aiming for the stars with new club

This article was published in the Japan Times on January 15th.
Dome Corporation president Shuichi Yasuda has the vision, Satoshi Okura the know-how and former Dutch international and Rangers player Pieter Huistra the experience. The goal now is to combine their respective talents as they embark on the task of building a professional soccer club from scratch.

Yasuda announced the creation of the new team, Iwaki FC, earlier this week at the Dome Kickoff party at Ariake Coliseum, and he has grand ambitions. He wants the club to become a pillar in Iwaki, Fukushima Prefecture (among the areas devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011), and ultimately, years, maybe decades down the line, help change Japan’s sporting landscape.

“We would like to energize Japan through sports,” Yasuda said Wednesday. “Well, actually, reform it. When you look at America and European countries such as Germany and Britain, they lead their societies with sports. We’ve looked closely at what they do and we’ve always wanted our society to do the same. We must do it. We’ve talked about this project over the past year and it has materialized.” Continue reading

“Heel Japan wil weten wat er bij Iwaki gebeurt”

Dit artikel is verschenen in het Algemeen Dagblad
Nieuwe Aziatische uitdaging voor Pieter Huistra
Pieter Huistra stapte vorige maand op bij de Indonesische voetbalbond, maar begint na een kort verblijf in Nederland opnieuw aan een Aziatisch avontuur. Hij tekende een eenjarig contract bij Iwaki FC, de jongste én meest ambitieuze club van Japan.

Het worden drukke weken voor de 48-jarige oud-trainer van FC Groningen, want Iwaki heeft nog maar vijf contractspelers. ,,We gaan nu onze selectie samenstellen, omdat we in maart willen deelnemen aan de competitie,” zegt Pieter Huistra.
,,Iwaki stapt in op het laagste niveau. Dat is in Japan de zevende klasse, vergelijkbaar met de tweede- of derde klasse amateurs in Nederland.” Continue reading

Head Coach IWAKI FC – Japan

I am happy to announce that I have joined Iwaki FC as head coach.
It is a once in a lifetime possibility to be part of such an ambitious project. Since I left Japan as a player 19 years ago it has been a dream to come back to this country to coach.
When I was approached to join the project I did not hesitate to commit. Iwaki FC is a new club supported by Dome Corp, the distributor of the Under Armour label.
It wants to establish itself as a role model club in Japan. Emphasis will be on development of young players. Iwaki FC will take international benchmark as its guide in this development.

At the moment the club has just started to recruit players for the first team and will start at amateur level in the Tohoku region.
The club has a 10 year plan to reach JLeague and build an academy at international level that delivers top level players.
I feel very fortunate to be part of this project that also gives joy to the people of Iwaki who are still in the redevelopment of their city after the tsunami disaster. It gives extra energy to build this club together for a great future.
domecorp-logo                   Under Armour
www.iwakifc.com with video impression of the Iwaki FC project
For information, please use the contactpage

Nieuwjaarswedstrijd Oud-Internationals

On Saturday January 2nd the traditional New Years game between ex-internationals and Hollands oldest football club Royal HFC from Haarlem was played for the 83rd time. It was a very enjoyable  day (as to be expected) with  many old colleges and an enthusiastic big crowd. Sponsor ING Bank added to the atmosphere.
We played an unfortunate first half and due to some individual mistakes we lost 4-2  🙂02012016-2Scissors like in the old days / Schaartje zit er nog altijd in

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