Time to move on…

The first football season of Iwaki FC has finished.
What a spectacular year it has been. We started with 5 players and ended up with 32. The club and the players went through a great development process and it is clear for everybody to see how much they have grown.
Starting with players fresh from high school and university we have trained harder then I have ever done before. I have to give the players credit for there hard work and determination.
All that hard work payed off as well by winning the league and the national amateur cup for provincial teams. The players have grown in strength and in football ability.
To finish it off Iwaki FC opened its own football facility this week to give real identity to the club.
I have to thank Dome corporation for their great support. Without them all of this would not have been possible.
I will look back at this season with great pleasure and am proud to have been part of the project.
But now it is time for me to move on. I am ready for new challenges and new environments to spread the passion for football.

Otsukarasama deshita  おつかれさまでした