First Silverware

Iwaki FC is a club with a big ambition. The club is completely new and operating for 4 months now. The club had no past, so no history, no culture and no trophies.
To build a professional club you need to have in mind the reason why you want to build such a club and how you want to position it in the present football landscape.
The goal of Iwaki FC is a clear one. We want to build a modern football club that is part of local community. It has to become a magnet for everything that has to do with football. It also has to have a social function that plays a binding part in in the local community. In order to achieve this we started the first initiatives to attract people to our club. It is good to see that the fanbase is slowly growing with every home game.On the football side we are working hard to develop players and a clear football style that will be the trademark of the club. The main goal is to play attractive football to entertain the fans.
08052016Merch2I believe that attractive football is synonymous with dominant attacking football that creates chances and has confidence to take the initiative in every moment of the game. In order to achieve this the players have to be very fit. We work very hard on this. It is good to see the increase in speed and power over the last period.

An ambitious club also has to win games and trophies. It has to leave a trail of achievements.  I believe that every opportunity to win any trophy has to be taken very serious.
This week we struck at the first possibility the add silverware to the short history of Iwaki FC. We won the Club Championship Cup in the Fukushima province.
The players and the staff who have been working hard for the last 4 months should be proud of what they achieved in this short period. The win boosts morale and should give energy to continue in our quest. We have still a lot of room for improvement, but the first trophy already gives history to the new club.
Our name is on the Cup.